Food product characteristics such as size, weight, flow rate and adhesion differ significantly and require specialized packaging processes and weighing technology. Our long-standing know-how and specialization allow us to offer the market’s widest application range with more than 800 proven application areas.
Whether fresh products such as lettuce, sweets, cereals or frozen food, we weigh, count and mix our customers’ products using the best technology. Also for the non-food sector multiweigh combination weighers are ideally suited.

Product weight 1 gram to 25 kilos
Product size 0.3mm to 270mm
Number of product components (mixture) 2 to 12
Speed up to 920 weighing operations per minute
Volume per weighing container 0.25l to 8.0l
Number of weighing heads 10 to 48 (doubling the power with memory)


Weighing of food, pet food and non-food applications in the packaging process


Packaging of bags with piece-accurate content by proven counting function


Variable segmentation of products and mixing according to given recipe

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The series GS, W and W-Memory of the multiweigh MW XV can be variably segmented in order to mix different products according to a given recipe. This allows to produce product mixes such as cereals, candy mixes, ready-made meals or nut mixes. The multiweigh MW XV-GS series offers gentle weighing with special gentle-slope technology. The multiweigh MW XV-W series is available with up to 48 weighing heads and memory technology in order to mix up to 12 different products.