multiweigh is one of the world’s technologically leading suppliers of combination weighers. Highest performance, ease of use and hygiene standards are our claim. multiweigh’s MW-48 memory, for example, is the world’s fastest and most powerful multihead weigher, which can control 72 weighing heads simultaneously.


High-performance combined with most precise accuracy – that’s what multiweigh® stands for. Our control technology allows the use of up to 72 weighing heads and a speed of up to 950 weighing cycles per minute with precise, fast hopper gate motion. Our counting and mixing function allows us to mix up to 12 components according to a given recipe during the weighing process. We offer proven special purpose designs for numerous applications such as sticky, fragile or granulated products. With the PTB approval multiweigh machines meet the highest quality standards.


As part of the food production chain, the highest hygiene standards apply to all multiweigh products. In addition to meeting legal requirements, our facilities are available with ingress protection (IP67 and higher). multiweigh has developed a unique cleaning concept for all our facilities which we would like to introduce to you personally.

Production reliability

Thanks to the modular design of our facilities, we guarantee maximum production reliability. In the event of a fault, individual modules can be replaced while the weigher is in operation without interrupting production. Our customers are inspired by our special features such as fault detection in the event of product adherence and low noise emission using the Direct Drive System.

Cost efficiency

The added value of multiweigh combination weighers is multilateral. In addition to the high performance, speed and precision, we are proud of a low maintenance intensity. For example, the hoppers are interchangeable and product contacting parts can be removed without tools. We can impressively demonstrate multiweigh’s particularly high cost efficiency with thousands of installed facilities, some of which have been in operation for over 20 years with low maintenance requirements.

Direct Drive System Consult us

multiweigh weighers are equipped with the Direct Drive System. The “Direct Drive” uses stepper motors to operate the hoppers, which means that the weighers work without internal or external springs, resulting in a significantly increased accuracy and higher performance. Each “Direct Drive” actuator module has its own load cell with precision design. Each module has its own integrated electronic unit for the evaluation of the weighing signal and motor control. The system is maintenance-free, guarantees low-noise operation and, thanks to its modular design, achieves particularly high production reliability.

Control technology Consult us

We offer high flexibility and quality thanks to our own team of electronic experts and software developers. multiweigh’s control units are equipped with 10.4″ touchscreens. The software enables menu-driven user guidance, 200 product-specific memory locations, several freely selectable languages, self-diagnosis with failure report, network communication ports, extensive statistical analysis and production data protocol, updates through data medium via USB interface, remote maintenance via VPN, automatic taring and optimization of production speed and average weight.
Should you have high demands concerning the customization of your control electronics and software, we are happy to consult you.

Applications Consult us

Thanks to our long-standing know-how and specialization, we are able to offer the market’s widest range of applications with more than 800 proven application areas.

Mix products Consult us

The series GS, W and W-Memory of the multiweigh MW XV can be variably segmented in order to mix different products according to a given recipe. This allows to produce product mixes such as cereals, candy mixes, ready-made meals or nut mixes. The multiweigh MW XV-GS series offers gentle weighing with special gentle-slope technology. The multiweigh MW XV-W series is available with up to 48 weighing heads and memory technology in order to mix up to 12 different products.