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MW XV-L/LS models Consult us

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Type Weighing range min max Max. volume / Apportionment Output
MW XV 10-8.0-L/LS 20 g 20.000 g 15.000 ccm 50 / min
MW XV 14-8.0-L/LS 100 g 20.000 g 20.000 ccm 80 / min
MW XV 18-8.0-L/LS 100 g 20.000 g 20.000 ccm 100 / min
  • multiweigh® Touchscreen Control Unit
  • multiweigh®-PC-Control multiprocessor technology
  • Modular electronic units placed in the actuator modules
  • Easy programmable, interactive software
  • 200 program setups
  • Multilingual
  • Self-diagnosis with failure report
  • Network communication ports
  • Remote maintenance via VPN
  • Statistic and production data protocol
  • Automatic optimising of production speed
  • Automatic optimising of average weight
  • Automatic taring
  • Calibration prog
  • High capacity and accuracy
  • Low cleaning intervals
  • Product contacting parts quick releasable
  • Maintenance free
  • Modular design
  • Compliance with ingress protection IP67 and higher
  • Special executions for sticky products, fragile products, granulated products
  • PTB Approval, compliance with OIML R 61
  • Precise, fast hoppergate motion
  • Maintenance free, without pullback springs
  • Low noise pollution
  • multiweigh® “Hopper Control” recognizes and displays malfunctions
  • Hoppers fully interchangeable

Direct Drive System Consult us

multiweigh weighers are equipped with the Direct Drive System. The “Direct Drive” uses stepper motors to operate the hoppers, which means that the weighers work without internal or external springs, resulting in a significantly increased accuracy and higher performance. Each “Direct Drive” actuator module has its own load cell with precision design. Each module has its own integrated electronic unit for the evaluation of the weighing signal and motor control. The system is maintenance-free, guarantees low-noise operation and, thanks to its modular design, achieves particularly high production reliability.